TCR Trophies

Team Chaos is grateful for the 12 trophies we’ve earned in the 2013, 2014 & 2015 race seasons.  2016 will be an exciting year to add more!



Steve’s Buggy Build

Steve’s building a buggy.  Maybe he’ll race it some day.  🙂  Thanks for all the hard work you do for TCR!

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Hammer Down Productions footage from Gray Rock Dirt Riot Race

Thank you Hammer Down Productions for this Wildcat exclusive video.  TCR appreciates it!

Footage from Choccolocco Dirt Riot Race.

Choccolocco UTV footage.

Dirt Riot @ Gray Rock ORV Race Pics

Action from Gray Rock thanks to Image ORP and Rise Above Photography.
































TCR @ Dirt Riot Race @ Gray Rock ORV

TCR takes 1st place in UTV and 4th in Mod Trail classes.


WEROCK Event @ Rausch Creek PA Event Pics

Here are the pics of our lady driver and her spotter competing at our first WEROCK event @ Rausch Creek PA.  We took a 3rd place podium finish.  Thank you Ty June from 4Low Magazine for the awesome shots!








TCR @ Rausch Creek PA WEROCK Event

TCR takes 3rd Place @ our very first WEROCK event.  Our lady drivers was superb!



1st 2015 Dirt Riot Race @ Choccolocco Mountain

TCR takes 3rd place in the UTV and 1st place in Mod classes.


Evolution Powersports

Team Chaos Racing is proud to announce our latest sponsor!  Evolution Powersports is supporting TCR for the 2015 racing season.  Thank you Jim Z!



2015 WEROCK/Dirt Riot Schedule

2015 Scheduled Released

**This is a tentative schedule – Some events are two day & some are one.  Finalization won’t occur until after all property owners and promoters have confirmed.

3/7/15 – Congress, AZ – Thompson’s – WEROCK Western #1
3/8/15 – Congress, AZ – Dirt Riot SouthWest #1
3/14/15 – Texas – Dirt Riot Central #1
3/20-21/15 – TBD – Dirt Riot SouthEast #1
4/4/15 – Moab, UT – Area BFE – Dirt Riot Mountain #1
4/18/15 – Shamokin, PA – AOAA – Dirt Riot MidStates #1
4/24-26/15 – West Virgina – WEROCK Eastern #1
5/16/15 – Tucson, AZ – MC Motorsports Park – Dirt Riot SouthWest #2
5/22-23/15 – Birmingham, AL – Gray Rock ORV – Dirt Riot SouthEast #2
5/30/15 – Fredericksburg, TX – Canyons – Dirt Riot Central #2
6/6/15 – Crandon, WI – Dirt Riot MidStates #2
6/13-14/15 – Rangely, CO – Rangely Off Road Park WEROCK Western #2
6/20/15 – Colorado Springs, CO – RAM Offroad – Dirt Riot Mountain #2
6/26-28/15 – Attica, IN – Badlands – WEROCK Eastern #2
7/10-11/15 – Sturgis KY – Dirt Riot Midstates & SouthEast #3
8/1-2/15 – Goldendale, WA – Broken Boulder Farm – WEROCK Western #3
8/13-15/15 – Ardmore, OK – Arbuckle Offroad – WEROCK Eastern #3
8/16/15 – Ardmore, OK – Arbuckle Offroad – Dirt Riot Central #3
8/22/15 – Cortez, CO – Dirt Riot SouthWest & Mountain #3
9/12-13/15 – Cedar City, UT – Grand National Rock Crawl
9/26/15 – Bridgeport, TX – Dirt Riot National Rampage

WEROCK 2015 Entry

Team Chaos Racing is pleased to announce Laurie Gray will join the team for 2015 as the driver of our WEROCK rock crawling series entry.  She brings to the team 6 years of rock crawling experience.   Brian “BMan” Gray will be her spotter.  We have high hopes for them in the WEROCK series.

Hells-revenge-ledge2 laurie&Brian-selfie

2014 Dirt Riot Southeast Series and National Points

Team Chaos Racing officially takes 1st place in the UTV class for the WERock Dirt Riot Southeast Series, 2nd place in Mod Trail and 4th in Unlimited Trail.

Currently we are in 4th place for the WERock Dirt Riot national points race for UTV and Unlimited Trail classes with the possibility to better placing by attending the National Rampage in Bridgeport Texas September 28th. Our chances will depend on the results of a few races within the other series that are still going on and of course our National Rampage showing.

What a great season! Thank you to all of our sponsors for making it happen! Wish us luck in bettering our national placings.

2014 Dirt Riot Sturgis Kentucky Race Pics

Rock-pile-dead-razor Rock-pile-2-dead-razor RA-Josh-pic2 RA-Josh-pic1 main-jump-2 main-jump-1 hot-pit-turn hot-pit-turn-2 1313-5-Podium-finish 1313-4-jump1 1313-3-jump1 1313-2-rocks 1313-1 2nd-jump-1

2014 Dirt Riot Sturgis Kentucky 2nd Place Showing

Team Chaos takes 2nd place at Bill Baird’s Moto Complex short course track.


2014 Dirt Riot Gray Rock ORV Race Pics

by pits

coming out of woods

2014 Gray Rock Race 3rd Place Showing

Team Chaos Racing takes 3rd place in the UTV class at Gray Rock ORV.  This makes 3 podium finishes for the race season so far.




BMan and Ging @ Sturgis #2

Hitting one of the last 180 degree turns before heading to the start/finish line.

2014 Dirt Riot DTown Race Pics











2014 DTown 1st and 3rd Place Showing

Team Chaos takes a 1st and 3rd place podium finish at DTown.





Touch A Truck

Team Chaos is proud to support events like Touch A Truck.  Touch A Truck events give kids a chance to climb on, drive and experience first handed trucks, rigs and other vehicles.  How cool is it to see the huge smiles on the kids!

BMan and Ging Flying High

BMan and Ging our Driver/Codriver for our Stock Trail Class Rig flying high on the GP track @ D’Town.

BMan and Ging @ Sturgis #1

BMan and Ging flying up over the table top jump at Sturgis.

Team Chaos Racing picks up MLS Powersports LLC as a sponsor.

A big thanks to Mark and the team at MLS Powersports in Georgetown KY!  For all your UTV, ATV & SxS needs call them or visit them online. They are one of the largest Arctic Cat dealers in the east and carry a myriad of parts for razors, can-am and more.





2014 WEROCK/Dirt Riot Schedule


Dirt Riot Southwest

March 9 – Congress, AZ

April 5 – Tucson, AZ  –  MC Motorsports Park

August 16 – Cortez, CO

Dirt Riot Central

March 15 – Texas

May 31 – Fredericksburg, TX  – Canyons Off Road Park

August 23 – Altus, OK   –  Coppermines

Dirt Riot Southeast

March 29 – Union Point, GA – Durhamtown Plantation

May 17 – Birmingham, AL – Gray Rock

June 7 – Sturgis, Kentucky

Dirt Riot Mountain

April 19 – Moab, UT  –  AreaBFE

June 14 – Colorado Springs, CO   –  RAM Offroad Park

August 16 – Cortez, CO

Dirt Riot MidStates

May 3 – Shamokin, PA   –  AOAA

June 7 – Sturgis, Kentucky

August 2 & 3 – Crandon, WI

National Rampage

– September 27 – Bridgeport, TX

W.E. Rock Western Series

March 8 – Congress, AZ

April 26 & 27 – Rangely, CO    Rangely Rock Crawling Park  (Pending)

July 19 & 20 – Goldendale, WA

W.E. Rock Eastern Series

May 10 & 11 – Bridgeport, WV   –  King Knob

June 28 & 29 – Attica, IN   –   Badlands

August 8 & 9 – Dayton, TN

Grand Nationals

– September 13 & 14 – Cedar City, UT



March 8 & 9 – West #1/SW #1 – Congress, AZ – Thompson’s Ranch

March 15 – Cent #1 – Texas

March 29 – SE#1 – Union Point, GA – Durhamtown Plantation

April 5 – SW#2 – Tucson, AZ – MC Motorsports Park

April 19 – Mtn #1 – Moab, UT – Area BFE

April 26 & 27 – Rangely, CO    Rangely Rock Crawling Park  (Pending)

May 3 – MidStates #1 – Shamokin, PA – AOAA

May 10 & 11 – East #1 – Bridgeport, WV – King Knob

May 17 – SE #2 – Birmingham, AL – Gray Rock

May 31 – Cent #2 – Fredericksburg, TX – Canyons Off Road Park

June 7 – SE #3/MidStates #2 – Sturgis, Kentucky

June 14 – Mtn #2 – Colorado Springs, CO – RAM Offroad Park

June 28 & 29 – East #2 – Attica, IN – Badlands

July 19 & 20 – West #3 – Goldendale, WA

August 2 & 3 – MidStates #3 – Crandon, WI

August 8 & 9 – East #3 – Dayton, TN

August 16 – SW#3/Mtn#3 – Cortez, CO

August 23 – Central #3 – Altus, OK – Coppermines

September 13 & 14 – Grand Nationals – Cedar City, Utah

September 27 – National Rampage – Bridgeport, Texas

Things to Know:


Sturgis, Kentucky (SE#3/MidStates#2) is a double points race

Cortez, Colorado (SW#3/Mtn#3) is a double points race

Two KOH Spots Available

1 to the National Points Champion; 1 to the National Rampage Champion

National Points for 2014

Will include the National Rampage results (*with the exception of “no bonus points will be awarded for fastest lap”)

Driver or Team Registration

For points purposes, you can either register as an individual driver or as a team; if signing up as a team two of three items must be present (driver, co-driver, car) *see WE Rock rules for clarification

National Rampage Qualification

To qualify to race National Rampage in a professional class, the Driver of Record must have raced with Dirt Riot in ANY class, as either Driver or Co-Driver in 2013 or 2014.

Classes available at Dirt Riot:

Pro Classes: 4400, 4500, 4600

Trail Classes: Unlimited, Modified, Stock

UTV: Open limited to 1000 cc

Note:  This is a re-post from the official Dirt Riot Schedule found here:

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