2017 Rausch Creek Sadie Launches

A couple of tough ledges we accomplished one a little better than the other.  Take a bit to get a turbo spooled up even though it’s small!  LOL!  Enjoy

A lunch up a bonus line that very few made.

Probably didn’t need to do it here but it was till fun and we nailed it!

2017 TCR Year in Review via Pics

2017 was an incredible year!  We ended up in 3rd place on the East Coast and the #1 husband/wife and female driver for the year with great showings at the Grand Nationals, Trail Hero and Super Crawl events.  What a blast it was!



WEROCK New Hampshire


WEROCK Rausch Creek

WEROCK Grand Nationals


Super Crawl


Trail Hero



TCR adds a ProMod Entry for 2018

Some of you know this ProMod car.  It use to be the RedBull Rockher and is now Beeline Betty, TCR’s ProMod entry for 2018!


Women who behave rarely make history!

The decal says it all and a thumbs up because #tcrladycrawler rocked it!

WEROCK 2017 Grand Nationals @ Farmington, NM

Doing what they do best!

2017 WEROCK Grand Nationals

WEROCK Grand Nationals in Farmington, NM 2017

Dayton 2017 WEROCK Event @ Kizar’s

#tcrhusbandwifeteam at Kizar’s during the Dayton 2017 event.

Team Chaos Podiums

Team Chaos takes 3rd place overall for the East Coast Series.



2018 Race Schedule

2018 Season Schedule:

1 – April 7-8 – K2, Mason, TX
2 – June 23-24 – Rausch Creek, Tremont, PA
3 – July 21-22 – Mountain Mud Run, Warren, NH
4 – August 25-26 – Kizzar’s, Dayton, TN (possibly 24/25 if moved to night crawl)
5 – Grand Nationals – September 8-9 Farmington, NM

Trail Hero
6 – October 2nd – 6th, Sand Hollow State Park Hurricane, UT

7 – Mud 4 Blood #15, Cabellas – 152 Northpoint Pkwy, Acworth, GA 30102

More to come….

TCR Husband and Wife Team

Grand Nationals @ ChokeCherry Canyon Farmington, NM


2017 Schedule

Proposed Schedule of  2017 Events

WEROCK Rock Crawling Series

East Coast Series

  • Dayton TN on 4/22 & 4/23
  • Rausch Creek on 7/8 & 7/9
  • Venue TBD on 6/3 & 6/4
  • Event 4 (depending on TV show) TBD


  • Farmington 9/9 & 9/10

Trail Hero

Limited Invite Only Night Rock Crawling Event 

  • WEROCK sanctioned event
  • October 4th – 7th,  Sand Hollow State Park Hurricane, UT 84737


Jesse Haines presented competition. 

  • Reno, NV

Non Competition Events

  • TBD

Sponsor Related Shows/Events

  • TBD

2016 Trail Hero Hurricane, UT @ Sand Hollow State Park

Trail Hero was a special invite only event.  We were among many east and west coast teams invited to compete in the inaugural outing of this event.  We were honored to represent the east coast.  Lil Rich Klein put on a great multiple day event with comps like the Trial Breaker, Night Crawl and an Ultra 4 style event along with many trail rides through-out the event.

Team Chaos competed in the night crawl.  The competition was the best of the best.  We came out with many achievements being gained;  We were the top east coast team, TCRLadyCrawler was once again the top female driver and overall we ended up in 8th place.  The terrain was incredible with sand like stone that allowed the ProComp Xtreme MT2 tires to stick and gain us traction.  The courses were incredibly hard, tight with epic bonus lines.


Pictures complimentary of Zac McInturff, Brittney Heirsche, Jaimee Markham, Charlene Bower and Ted Feg.  Thank you!


a1-b1-drop a1-rock a2-turtle brittneyh-img_7833 brittneyh-img_7837 charlene-bower-hour jmrigging-1 jmrigging-2 jmrigging-3 jmrigging-4 jmrigging-softshackle laurie-brittney procomp-tires tbar-1 a1-b1 a1-g1 a2-b1 a2-g4 big-stuck-rock flying-tiger_1 flying-tiger-dropping-mod tcr-on-the-move trail-hero-teaser-01d-krawlzone

2016 WEROCK Grand Nationals Farmington NM @ ChokeCherry Canyon

A new venue for us never before seen.  ChokeCherry Canyon in Farmington NM.  A great event with the whole community supporting the effort.  The competition was the fierce we’ve seen yet with only the best of best from both east and west coasts in attendance.  TCR Husband and wife team were the top husband and wife team, TCRLadyCrawler was the top female driver in the nation and TCR was the 2nd place east coast team!  Overall we came in 9th place beating out many west cost teams never before competed against.  All in all another great outing with the new comp buggy.  Some challenging natural obstacles with a lot of steep hill climbs and descents but once again the ProComp Xtreme MT 2 super sticky tires stuck to the rock like glue!


a3-day2 a4-d2-1 a4-d2-2 a4-d2-3 a4-d2-4

2016 WEROCK East Coast Event #3 in Tremont Pennsylvania @ Rausch Creek

One of  our favorite WEROCK venues and where husband and wife team obtained their first podium finish.  Rausch Creek brings a mixture of natural and made made obstacles and challenges. For this event we had Justin Hall fly out to mentor and guide the team.  We learned a lot!   All in all another great outing with the new comp buggy.  We took 5th place overall and the TCRLadyCrawler and combination of husband and wife team came out as top the female driver and married team in attendance.  Some challenging mix of natural and man made obstacles but once again the ProComp Xtreme MT 2 super sticky tires stuck to the rock like glue!


laurie-a3-d2 dsc_0499 dsc_0500 a-up1-dsc_0351 a-side-dsc_0370 a-slab-dsc_0388 a-down2-dsc_0401 a-up2-dsc_0425 a-ontop-cut-jpg a-up3-dsc_0477 a-tree-dsc_0511 a-tires-dsc_0391 a-tires2-dsc_0532 a-jm-rigging-1-dsc_0435 a-jm-rigging-2-dsc_0436

2016 WEROCK East Coast Event #2 in Dayton Tennessee @ Kilzars

For the first time in several years WEROCK event was held at the Kilzar farm outside of Dayton Tennessee.  All in all another great outing with the new comp buggy.  We took 1st place with our UTV entry, 3rd place with our sportsman entry and 7th place overall with our Unlimited entry.  TCRLadyCrawler took the top female driver and our husband wife team came out on top too.  Some challenging looser stuff there but the ProComp Xtreme MT 2 super sticky tires stuck to the rock like glue!


procomp_mg_6001-1 jm-rigging-spotter-rope jm-rigging-soft-shackle jm-rigging-soft-line-spotter-rope bonus_sponsors-mg_6442-7



Coming Soon

Mud 4 Blood

Mud 4 Blood is a yearly event put on by Georgia Bounty Runners (GBR) and supports Life South.  Team Chaos Racing supports this event and donates blood to help out.  A single pint of blood has the potential to save three lives. Platelets, plasma and red blood cells are separated, tested and preserved for future use. Local hospitals place an order with LifeSouth and they deliver the product directly to the hospital where it is used in various life-saving areas.  Thank you GBR for allowing us to help out with the cause!



2016 WEROCK East Coast Event #1 in Mason Texas @ Katemcy Rocks

We loved this place!  All in all a great 1st outing with the new comp buggy.  We took 5th place overall with TCRLadyCrawler the top female driver and top husband wife team in attendance..  Some challenging stuff there but the ProComp Xtreme MT 2 super sticky tires stuck to the rock like glue!


1-A2-D1-RA-Logo-1 1-A2-D1-RA-Logo-2 1-Bonus-A1-RA-Logo-1 1-Bonus-A1-RA-Logo-2

UTV flying by during the Gray Rock Race

First place finish at Gray Rock ORV.  Way to go Ging and Zac!


TCR Lady Crawler Working it

TCR Lady Crawler working the new Unlimited WEROCK buggy during a test run and 4Low picture shoot.



2016 WEROCK Schedule


Rausch Creek

Our Lady driver takes home a 3rd place in her first WEROCK comp!




Thank you to all our 2015 sponsors who made the year a success!


Laurie (TCRLadyCrawler) & Slightly Dangerous (Sadie) #3113

Our Shannon Campbell built moon buggy.


TCR’s new WEROCK Unlimited Entry

TCR has purchased Justin Hall’s Campbell Enterprise built #713 Team HardRock WEROCK buggy.  It has taken two national WEROCK 1st place and a 2nd place finishes.  With a little luck our Lady Driver and husband spotter we’ll be brining home some 2016 podium finishes.


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