2016 Trail Hero Hurricane, UT @ Sand Hollow State Park

Trail Hero was a special invite only event.  We were among many east and west coast teams invited to compete in the inaugural outing of this event.  We were honored to represent the east coast.  Lil Rich Klein put on a great multiple day event with comps like the Trial Breaker, Night Crawl and an Ultra 4 style event along with many trail rides through-out the event.

Team Chaos competed in the night crawl.  The competition was the best of the best.  We came out with many achievements being gained;  We were the top east coast team, TCRLadyCrawler was once again the top female driver and overall we ended up in 8th place.  The terrain was incredible with sand like stone that allowed the ProComp Xtreme MT2 tires to stick and gain us traction.  The courses were incredibly hard, tight with epic bonus lines.


Pictures complimentary of Zac McInturff, Brittney Heirsche, Jaimee Markham, Charlene Bower and Ted Feg.  Thank you!


a1-b1-drop a1-rock a2-turtle brittneyh-img_7833 brittneyh-img_7837 charlene-bower-hour jmrigging-1 jmrigging-2 jmrigging-3 jmrigging-4 jmrigging-softshackle laurie-brittney procomp-tires tbar-1 a1-b1 a1-g1 a2-b1 a2-g4 big-stuck-rock flying-tiger_1 flying-tiger-dropping-mod tcr-on-the-move trail-hero-teaser-01d-krawlzone

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