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2017 Rausch Creek Sadie Launches

A couple of tough ledges we accomplished one a little better than the other.  Take a bit to get a turbo spooled up even though it’s small!  LOL!  Enjoy A lunch up a bonus line that very few made. Probably didn’t need to do it here but it was till fun and we nailed it!

Hammer Down Productions footage from Gray Rock Dirt Riot Race

Thank you Hammer Down Productions for this Wildcat exclusive video.  TCR appreciates it!

Footage from Choccolocco Dirt Riot Race.

Choccolocco UTV footage.

Team Chaos Racing Champion Sponsorship Contest

Voting starts January 6th! Help Team Chaos land one of fifteen $5K sponsorships and a chance to win the $50K grand prize! Here is our entry:  Team Chaos Racing by Brian. Sign up to vote here: Always a Champion Contest

▶ Dirt Riot DTown – YouTube

▶ Dirt Riot DTown – YouTube.

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