2016 WEROCK East Coast Event #3 in Tremont Pennsylvania @ Rausch Creek

One of  our favorite WEROCK venues and where husband and wife team obtained their first podium finish.  Rausch Creek brings a mixture of natural and made made obstacles and challenges. For this event we had Justin Hall fly out to mentor and guide the team.  We learned a lot!   All in all another great outing with the new comp buggy.  We took 5th place overall and the TCRLadyCrawler and combination of husband and wife team came out as top the female driver and married team in attendance.  Some challenging mix of natural and man made obstacles but once again the ProComp Xtreme MT 2 super sticky tires stuck to the rock like glue!


laurie-a3-d2 dsc_0499 dsc_0500 a-up1-dsc_0351 a-side-dsc_0370 a-slab-dsc_0388 a-down2-dsc_0401 a-up2-dsc_0425 a-ontop-cut-jpg a-up3-dsc_0477 a-tree-dsc_0511 a-tires-dsc_0391 a-tires2-dsc_0532 a-jm-rigging-1-dsc_0435 a-jm-rigging-2-dsc_0436

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